Wanneroo FC June ’19

John Ralph – MC extrordenaire
David Cutler
Willy Woodbine
Raelene Bruinsma Duo
Rob Oats (pic by John R)
Raelene & Alex

What Rob Oats on Facebook:

Cold and wet? Not at Wanneroo last night. A few people missing due to illness bought mild panic to John as he rustled up some replacement performers. John Opened with a song and then introduced Willy Woodbine who dropped in from Pickering Brook and was press ganged into a few songs, I love the lay-back presentation. David Cutler was next up with his usual lovely guitar and voice. Raelene Bruinsma Trio (minus one) was the main act and gave us a bracket of mythical love making of the Gods and Deities and a variety of other songs accompanied by Alex on guitar and cello.

Second half had me doing a few songs, some of mine and a couple of others, thanks for the appreciative applause. Raelene and Alex finished the night with more of the story from the first half. You get good songs and a history lesson at Wanneroo folk club!
Next month was/is to be a Sing-a-round, this was the plan last night but stay tuned to www.wafolk.org.au, it may change.

From John Ralph on Facebook:

(John posted a couple of pics with these words. One of the pics is shown above)

Those of you who were at the Wanneroo Folk Club last night and have seen the latest report will notice that this man is missing from them. So here are a couple of photos of Rob. Rob organises the sound and lighting and photos for the artists .He sends out a WAFF gig guide every week, He is in charge of revamping the WAFF Website as well as being Vice Chairman of the WAFF, He posts a report of the Wanneroo Folk club on facebook. He plays in his band the Rambling Bilbies. With all this we can forget what a brilliant solo artist he is. He stepped in a short notice to play an excellent set last night with a mixture of his own songwriting and covers that received an enthusiastic reception from the audience.Thanks for all of your hard work Rob. We are lucky to have you on board