Executive Committee
Chairperson: John Ralph
I have been involved in the folk scene for many years both in Australia and in the UK.
I am a full time musician and play regularly around Perth. I also help to organise the Wanneroo Folk Club. I have been on the WAFF committee for many years now and was privileged to take over the post late 2014. I am passionate about folk music, dance and poetry in all it’s forms and and I am looking forward to promoting local folk music and in keeping the spirit of one of the oldest WA folk organisations alive.
Vice Chair: Robert Oats
I have been a member of the WAFF since about 1975 after being introduced to the Stables Folk Club by a friend. I was on the committee in 1978 when the National Folk Festival was in Fremantle and was involved in the Toodyay Folk festival for a number of years. I got back on the committee at the 1997 AGM and served for for about 8 years. During this period I produced the Town Crier (when it was a printed magazine format) and the WAFF web pages and sat in a number of positions on the committee until taking a sabbatical to pursue other things. I returned to the committee as vice chairman after a couple years acting in an advisory role and editing the web pages.
I have been a performer since 1968 and mainly play guitar &amp sing. I have written, recorded and performed my own material, some of which can be found on a CD called “Tread Softly” which highlights some of my songs. I have been in a number of bands and currently play with The Rambling Bilbies . I also do the odd sound engineering job (including Wanneroo Folk Club). I am a life member of The Nannup Music Club and the WA Folk Fed.
I also keep the WA Acoustic Music and Dance Calendar updated (see the link at the top) which promotes acoustic music events around WA. Contact for Rob: 04 1890 8899 or
Treasurer: Terry Bonnett
Terry is a Private Dentist in practice since 1977. He has been a member of WAFF for about 18 years and joined the committee in 1998, not long after the Joondalup Festival and was on the committee that helped save the WAFF at that time. He became Treasurer in about 1999 with only one year out of the job during this time.
In Terry’s words: “Unfortunately I have no musical talents (can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t do a godamm thing)”
Terry was made a life member of the WAFF at the 2017 AGM for service to the WAFF and the WA folk community. To contact Terry: phone 9279 2875 or, if you don’t mind waiting ages for me to reply.
Secretary Diana Keegan
I have been singing and playing guitar since a teenager. Keen to perform whenever the opportunity arose. Nowadays I’m not so confident on the performance side so happy to use my extensive experience in administration in supporting this fabulous folk club and the Federation.
General Committee
Deb Ralph (Memberships). My responsibilities in the WAFF include helping Terry out with memberships, collecting the money and ensuring members have current cards. At the Wanneroo monthly folk club I collect the admission money on the door with the help of Jean and Jamie. I buy the milk, coffee, tea, and biscuits every month and check we have sufficient supply for the evening. I buy the raffle prize, which is always a bottle of red wine (my favourite) and make sure we have a supply of raffle tickets. Counting the money, ensuring there is a float for change on the night and balancing the Wanneroo accounts.
I work 4 days a week as a nurse, which I still enjoy after 38 years. I look after John, do all the shopping, cleaning, washing and cooking at home (John does help a little). John and I have been married for almost 35 years. I am a terrible singer, completely out of tune, I can’t play an instrument but I do love to dance, and I try to attend the monthly contra dance’s run by Steve, which are always fun and welcoming. My other hobbies include kayaking, bush and beach walking, cycling and I go to the gym once or twice a week.
David Cutler. I’ve been playing, singing and writing songs since the late 60s mostly in England up til 1975. I’ve still been writing since then but have only very recently come back to performing, if that’s the word, in folk clubs after a long break. I appreciate all genres of folk music and I’m glad to back in this enthusiastic folk scene and to be able to help out on the WAFF Committee.
Wendy Bonnett. Wendy has been a long time supporter of folk music in WA along side Terry.
Bill Cullen. Bill joined the committee in 2019 after working overseas for a number of years with the UN. He is now largely retired and keen to help promote folk music to a broader audience. He plays and sings his own songs on guitar.
Jill Oats. Returning to the committee for 2019/20 after an absence of a few years, Jill is part of the Rambling Bilbies and has been playing and teaching music for many years as well as a teacher/librarian. Her instruments include Flute, Clarinet and a few others.