Wanneroo Folk Club

Wanneroo Folk Club is possibly the longest running club in WA starting around about 1986. Originally run by Bob & Maureen Rummery and Don & Judith Shaw. They handed it over to John Ralph & Jamie McKinnon and a merry band of helpers under the sponsorship of the WA Folk Federation. Recently Jamie has resigned to take some time out to relax, there will be more to this story in coming months.
It is a small and friendly club promoting acoustic music and those that perform it. The range of styles is quite varied but related to Folk in its many forms. Performers often comment how nice it is to play to an audience that listens and we encourage the audience to not talk while the performers are singing except to join in the choruses in full harmony.
On sing-a-round nights we sit in a circle and each person can contribute with a song or 2 depending on numbers, when we reach the end we have a break for a cuppa and then round the circle again. These are the nights when anyone can have ago, no PA or amps, purely acoustic. The format give people who don’t often get up a chance to play a song or 2 or for the more seasoned to try out new songs.
On Guest nights we have a headline act and Floor spots (If you would like to perform at the club email John Ralph.)

2nd Friday of the month
Doors open: 7:00pm, Music from 7:30pm

Entry price varies:
Guest Nights $10 ($8 WAFF Members).
Come-All-Ye nights $5 ($3 WAFF)
to perform Email: Jim McGuire
Dorchester Hall, 2 Dugdale St, Warwick. (cnr Dorchester Ave)

Find us on Google Maps here

November 12th is the next club night and the featured artist will be GypsyLou
GypsyLou are indie-folk musicians and passionate storytellers, their traditional tones connect to their audience in a shared and intimate musical experience.
Floor Spots will be Jamie McKinnon probably playing some songs from his new CD and Jim McGuire with songs from his last Scottish album.
Entry will be $10 ($8 for WAFF members).
Doors open 7pm, music starts 7:30.

October 2021

Thanks Ed for the review this month. Thanks to lots of festival activity the number were a little down. Thanks to Andre who filled in at the last minute and not expecting to perform. Also thanks to Phil for twiddling the sound desk while the Bilbies played and for Yvonne who took the Bilbies photos.
M.C. and opening act for the evening was Phil Gray. Influenced by his recent trip to Albany for the Sea Shanty Festival, Phil performed some sea related songs. First up “The Hills Of Isle Au Haut”, followed by an acapella version of “Captain Stubbs” and “Whaling On The Southern Oceans.”
Next up was Andre Alexander, playing on a borrowed Martin acoustic, who sang two Mark Knopfler songs – “Sailing To Philadelphia” and “Don’t Crash The Ambulance” followed by an original “Rosie Lee.”
Next up, headliners The Rambling Bilbies, delivered the first of two sets. With their line-up of violin (Amanda) paired with either clarinet or flute (Jill) underpinned by solid guitar playing (Rob), The Bilbies conjured up a full and interesting accompaniment to their songs. These were mostly originals penned by Rob, with some nice instrumental passages. Set closer “Long Tall Glasses” smoothly incorporated “College Hornpipe”, an unusual combination which worked surprisingly well.
After the break, there were short sets by Stan, who sang “Annie’s Song” and “Imagine.” He was followed by the owner of the Martin guitar, David Cutler, whose set comprised of three Joni Mitchell songs – “Urge For Going”, “Circle Game” and “Both Sides Now.”
The Rambling Bilbies returned to finish the evening with another set, but not before Phil had amused us all with a poem about a tennis ball. The Bilbies again delighted with their choice of cover tunes and evocative originals. Special mention for the interplay between Jill on clarinet and flute and Amanda on violin which gave the music a unique texture. Set closer “Nights In White Satin” capped off a great evening in fine style.
Next weekend the WAFF has organised music for the Hillarys Boat Harbour – Folk on the Water. Running on Saturday and Sunday with 2 stages of wonderful music. Click on the Folk on the Water link to get more information.

September 2021

For those who have already lost interest in the Footie we had a wonderful night of music at the Wanneroo Folk Club this month.
We opened the show Lee Shore with his trade mark sea faring songs, a chance to sing along was not missed and with a gentle breeze to fill the sails it was a nice start to the evening
Next up and all the way from Manduraah we had Katie McMahon with a variety of songs with a distinctly Scottish feel, I liked the Auld Lang Syne version. Katie will be back in a couple of month as part of Gypsy Lou, keep the date open after this taster it will be a good night in November.
Martin & Coole (and Roland), our feature artists, took to the stage with a lovely set of songs. Jon & Emma have written some good songs over the years and along with renditions of others it was a good finish to the first half.
After the raffle draw and a cuppa Bill Cullen & David Beatie gave us a few contemporary songs from their combined influences over the years. Martin, Coole & Roland came back for their second set to finish off the night with more of their eclectic range of songs.
Overall a really nice night listening to good music and catching up with folk.

August 2021

If you weren’t there you missed a night of good entertainment. Opening with Rob Phillips from the Nanga Festival committee with a few of his own songs, next with a few Paul Simon songs was Terry who was joined by the wife Trish. Bev Abela was the feature artist for the night and regaled us with stories of her life and loves and sorrows. I really enjoyed their performance. After the tea break we had Richard with a few songs and Nick from the band gave us a few instrumental versions of popular songs. The guitar work was tender at time and fast at others with good skill. Bev and the band finished off the night with more songs and stories with a bit of audience participation, the Wanneroo crowd always like to join in!

July 2021

July saw a Come-all-Ye format for the first time in quite a while, a last minute change due to restrictions and other external things. It turned out to be a cold and damp night outside but a warm and musical one indoors. A good turn out considering the inclement weather and restriction imposed due to COVID. With no PA we had quick turn arounds between performers which made a smooth running night. Mc for the night was John Ralph, who was originally booked in Albany but the festival got postponed.
Dick Wilkinson was first up with his 3 songs in the blues tradition. I love Dick’s take on the writing of songs and his renditions are always nice to hear.
Jerome Toonen was next up. Jerome attended the WAFF performance workshop a few months ago and his performance was easy going and enjoyable.
David Beattie was next up, a regular at WFC playing popular tunes in classical style. It is nice to have David sing a bit in recent appearances.
Phil Roeterdink followed with a couple of songs solo and the bringing Bob Rummery with his button accordian up to accompany a couple more.
After the break John Ralph gave us a couple energetic of songs. We don’t hear John often enough.
Rob Phillips was next up and we had some poetry for a change. It is good to hear the spoke word presented at the club.
Another person we don’t see very often, Willy Woodbine was next. Last time we saw him he was in a trio a I recall. His solo spot this month was a pleasure to listen to.
I was next, Rob Oats, I wasn’t expecting to sing so had to borrow a guitar and a very nice one it was. Thanks to everyone who snag along.
To finish the night Jim McGuire came to the stage with a few songs.
All in all it was a nice relaxed evening. A lot of people commented on the format and next year our intention is to have more of these nights to give more performers a chance to strut their stuff in a safe and appreciative environment.

June 2021

A good crowd turned out for a good night of music. Nice to see so many familiar faces and a few new ones.
The night opened with MC John giving us a few jokes followed by Diana, who does play for us often enough, a nice set of songs to set the tone of the evening. Tamzin followed with a few more songs, She was nice to here last time she played, this time she was better. The featured artist this month was Graham Wilson. Graham is originally from Scotland but has moved around the world for many years so his songs come from all over. For his first set he gave us songs of a traditional background from mainly Scotland which left a few audience members a little confused with the language/dialect. His guitar accompaniment was a treat, I love to here good finger picking styles. His presentation is sublime.
After the break and raffle draw we had Stan the man with a few tunes and songs. which led us back to Graham with his 2nd set of songs that this time were a bit easier for some to understand. With humour and deft guitar work we had a wonderful bit of entertainment.
Next month we have The Rambling Bilbies trio and a bevy of floor singers to entertain you. So put the 2nd Friday of July in your calendars and hopefully we will see you then.

April 2021

With Fairbridge on this weekend we thought a Sing-a-Round was the way to go since a lot of folk would be going down to the Festival.
As expected a slightly smaller group of people turned up but considering all things it was not a bad turn out.
Before the due start time a short jam session started up with the players tuning up and playing random songs to which others joined in.
So after a toss of a coin to decide one song or two in the first round Ed started with Whiskey in the Jar accompanied by Colin on the harp and a few harmonies. Moving clockwise we had some tunes from Colin on his double sided Harmonica, bit disconcerting watching it being flipped over and over! Bill C was next with Stuck in the Middle, David did the Mason Williams Classical Gas which in it’s day was was the go to guitar tune to play. Dick was up next playing his Guitalele (a Uke sized Guitar) and the song Bound for Australia. Neil was next on a tenor Ukulele with Always Remember Us This Way. Bill & Maggs did a couple of songs: the classic Summertime and the Commodore’s Easy. A rare treat next with Sally and a poem about Vintage cars. Brendon followed with a tune on his cello mandolin. Don otherwise known as Lee sang a Cyril Tawney song The Grey Funnel Line. I finished the first round with another Tawney song Free & Easy.
After a short break for a cuppa we started the circle again with a couple of drop outs and a new performer Stan dropping in and dressed for the part with the Marty Robbins song White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation. Overall the night flowed like wine and everyone had a good time. Although I do find it interesting that some folk still don’t understand that registration is mandatory still and some folk can’t count!
Check out the WAFF on Facebook (West Australian Folk Federation).

March 2021

The March meeting of the Wanneroo folk club saw a small but enthusiastic crowd in attendance. The music as usual was good and varied. The emerging duo of Bill Cullen and David Beattie kicked off the night with songs by Chris Isaak and Sting as well as others. Their blend of steel string and nylon string guitars with Bills soulful voice creates a wonderful smooth sound.
Next up and in total contrast was Colin Smiley who amazed with his Harmonica playing, changing keys in the middle of tunes. He played tunes by Turlough O Carolan and was joined at the finish by a freshly recruited (press-ganged?)percussion section called The Roving Rhythm Rogues consisting of Ed Bettega, David Cutler and Mike Tarca.
The First half finished with the main act for the Night. Jim Jam. Jim Mcguire is no stranger to the folk scene in Perth but his colleagues Suzanne and Steve tend to play more corporate gigs and middle of the road standards it was good to her them play a more ‘folkie’ Set Their Harmonies are sublime and the more serious songs such as The Bridal Train were contrasted well with the hilarious Chastity Belt complete with amateur dramatics and props.
The second half welcomed a new face to the folk scene, Joe Ralph. This ex WAAPA classical guitarist now is a busy guitar teacher as well as playing standards in pubs around Perth For his first solo folk club gig he gave us songs from Brian Bedford (What’s The Use Of Wings) as well as songs from Steve Knightly from Show of Hands and even a lovely song ‘The Colours of the Wind’ from the Disney movie Pocahontas.
Jim Jam finished the night with more excellent music proving to be a thoroughly entertaining band. Also, they donated their fees back to the WAFF. Despite multiple efforts to advertise and provide class folk acts it seems that we still have trouble drawing a regular crowd. We are looking at ways to change our format to make it more popular, but we really need input from the audience so please let us know how we can improve things, or this venue may be lost.

December 2020

Annual Christmas wind up was a night to remember. With the promise of a bit of singing along a reasonable crowd signed in with SafeWA and took their seats. I did find it amazing how a few actually complained but we live in strange times.
Floor spots were filled with the committee this month with Jim McGuire opening the night with a couple of rousing songs followed by Diana Keegan who has a lovely singing voice that we only hear once a year. After Diana we had our other new kid on the block in Ed Bettega with a couple of his own songs.
Next up was The Foc’s’le Firkins with 6 “original” members. The bracket started a little shaky but soon took off into songs of a shanty nature as they found their land legs.
Supper was server by some of the committee in a COVID safe way with tongs (not tongues), the raffle was drawn and the second half started with 2 of the Rambling Bilbies singing what has now become a 3 part version of Silent night incorporating the Translation into Noongar language by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse with the partner song On a Starlit Night”. Bill Cullen followed and then Jamie McKinnon did a couple. Our intrepid MC and Chairman John Ralph was installed behind the microphone for a song and to finish the night The Firkins came back to the stage and got the audience joining in with song, actions and clapping.
Another year has gone by and hopefully next year will be easier, more joyful and more rewarding for those in the entertainment arena.

November 2020

The penultimate club night for a very strange 2020. The guest act for the night was The Hive Mind, a coming together of Rachel Armstrong, Dave Johnson & Phoebe Corke.
The night opened with floor spots from 2 of our workshop attendees in Al Riebau & Mike Tarka. They gave us a few songs with a little bit of audience participation.
The Hive Mind came on to finish the first half with some original material from Rachel & Dave. This trio is a very professional outfit and despite a few technical issues with the PA they entertained the audience with their marvelous playing with Rachel and Dave swapping between guitar and mandolin with Phoebe on fiddle and some lovely 3 part harmony vocals.
After the break we heard from Phil Grey with a little help from Jill Oats. Phil has a way with songs from the Western Australian Bush and didn’t disappoint. We finished the night with another outstanding set from the Hive Mind.

October 2020

We had a good crowd at Wanneroo Folk Club (in Warwick) this month. Nice to see people starting to get out to enjoy a bit of music.
The night started with Ed Bettega with John Ralph in tow for a few songs closely followed by some poetry from Lyndsay Evans and a bit of guitar from Fozzie.
The guest artist for tonight was Carmel Charlton singing a few of her own songs from around the country and joined by Colin Smiley. After a brief cuppa and the raffle draw things got a bit jazzy with The Footpath Stompers, consisting of Josh Gray on guitar, Joe Whitehorn on percussion and Aaron Caldwell on saxophone. Josh has moved on from folk and now plays what someone called “Folk Jazz”. These guys are great and improving everytime I see them, catch them if you can.
Carmel finished the night with Linda Martin performing a few familiar songs which the audience joined in with their usual gusto.
Another wonderous mix of music at club this month.
Stay tuned to the WA Folk Federation pages on FB and www.wafolk.org.au for next month’s show.

September 2020

Spring has sprung and an good crowd came out for a good night of music and frivolity, Covid safe of course. Opening the night we had Jerome and Leslie Toonen singing a few songs. Next was the launch of Jamie McKinnon’s now CD “Flying Geese” accompanied by friends John Ralph, Fiona Davidson & Ali MacKerron. A bracket of mainly Scottish Songs mostly from the new CD. The audience joined in with a few songs and the instrumentation was wonderful.
The second half was soon upon us with Half a Jar comprising Phil Roeterdink and Jim McGuire also with a little help from Fiona Davidson and Bob Rummery. This was also a nice set of songs and tunes with audience participation. Another great night out with friends and music.

August 2020

First post COVID Lockdown guest night and an appreciative crowd came to be entertained by some talented performers. Opening the evening was David Beatie with a few tunes from popular songs in classical guitar style. Next up was Mike Tarca who is visiting family and got stranded here due to travel restrictions, a nice set of songs accompanied by his feet percussion and the monster accordion. The bushy Phil Gray was next with some Australiana with a special addition of Bob Rummery for the last song. Last of the 1st half floor spots was The Rambling Bilbies performing Rob’s songs that don’t come out very often plus a new one.
After the break our guest performer for the night was Peter Bugden. Peter is a very funny man and didn’t disappoint with his selection of songs and his witty introductions. He also surprised us with a couple of serious songs as well. Overall it was a great night and the audience went home with smiles on their faces.

July 2020

The air was as sharp as a barbers razor but when you walk into the Wanneroo Folk Club’s singaround the atmosphere was warmed with friends and those we haven’t met yet.
After an extended break a smaller than normal crowd was in attendance but it was a nice evening sharing songs around the room after a break during lockdown. With COVID regulations in place we were rather spaced out but it didn’t stop the wonderful songs and tunes.

March 2020

A depleted crowd probably due to the news reports of the last couple of weeks scaring people away from gatherings. You should have been here to hear the 4 quality acts. Live music is a great way to raise the spirits and boy do we need that at the moment, you just need to take precautions (and I know lots of folk are going to bucket me for that comment, don’t bother, I’ve heard them all). We opened the night with “Espresso”. I thought they were a duo but as the say goes there is more, they added percussion. a very enjoyable bracket of self compositions, nice harmonies and guitar work. Next we had “Hot Toddy” back again with their Scottish and self penned tunes. A nice balance of instruments and commentary, it is nice to know the story behind the tunes. Our MC John Ralph has a new CD out and he gave us a snap shot of it with some lovely songs he has written, good words and guitar. Finally We were trying to Josh Gray’s band but they were unavailable so Josh roped in his old man Phil (who kept his birthday secret) and the amazing song writer Alan Man. So “Waralakin Blues & Browngrass” hit the stage instead. The joked their way through a wonderful set of songs with gentle jibes at each other to the amusement of all. The explanation of the band name was hilarious. Overall it was a night worth being there for, bit hard to hear it from the isolation of the lounge room. Next month dust off a couple of songs for either a Sing-a-Round or a Come-all-Ye where performers and audience are always welcome and the reduced fee to get in makes it even more attractive.

February 2020

40 degree day again but luckily the sea breeze cooled things down a little, untlll the music started! An almost full house were presented with just 2 acts last night but those 2 acts provided some magnificent entertainment. First up was Jane and the Rain launching their new CD. Jane Cornes sang with her wonderful voice and the Rain behind provided excellent backing. Next up was Dan Walsh from UK on a very busy tour of WA. What he does with the banjo is pretty amazing from Irish traditional to super fast bluegrass and ballads. And then he swapped over to Guitar for a couple of songs and proved he is not just a one instrument man. His rendition of Paul Simon’s “Just call me Al: was blisteringly good. Great night despite the warmth of the day. But wait because next month we have Hot Toddy doing the Scottish/Celtic and Waralakin Blue & Browngrass, a trio of Phil & Josh Gray and Alan Man. This is going to be another roller coaster of music styles!

January 2020

Nice to see a few new faces to our sing-a-round nights. The fans were twirling overhead to keep the air moving and overall it was a night of good songs although the mood was a little affected by the Fires burning around Australia (climate change, what climate change?). I love these nights, we get to see more performers even if the songs numbers are limited to fit everyone in.
Next Month we have Dan Walsh over from UK Last year he gave us a great performance on his banjo and next month promises to be as good. Also we have Jane & the Rain from Perth launching their 1st EP of original songs.

December ’19

Another stinker outside and the fans were running on full but it didn’t deter the crowd to party out the last show for the year. As has been the thing for the last few years The WAFF/WFC committee got to strut their stuff. The Rambling Bilbies opened the night with one of my own (Jasmin which went down a treat) an shortened version of Here comes the Sun (Sorry Amanda and Jill I missed the repeat) and finishing with Silent Night partnered with On a Starlit Night and Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse’s translation Bedik-Bedik Kedalak (Silent night in Noongar language) with a choir of audience joining in.
Bill Cullen was next up, Bill joined the committee a couple of weeks ago and gave us songs good songs including a Gordon Lightfoot favourite.
Jamie McKinnon followed with a few songs including Nadine which had the story extended during the night.
David Cutler has a wonderful way with songs and among others gave us John McCutcheon’s Song about Xmas in the trenches of WW1 .We managed to get a couple og songs from MC John Ralph as well and it was worth the wait.
Supper was served with lots of conversation and then the Cork Man Sean Roche took to the stage for the second half. Opening unaccompanied with Hot Asphalt and a grand set of songs form all over. He was joined mid set by Colin Smiley on Harp and finished the night with a couple of encore songs sending the audience Choir home, who had joined in all night, happy and waiting for January’s Sing-a round on Jan 12th 2020. Have a merry Summer Solstice and watch out for the New Year it is gonna getcha.

November ’19

A Hot Day but the night cooled down. The music was hot. MC John Ralph introduced Kaylyn Jean, a young singer/songwriter who is certainly on the way to making a name for herself. She has a song on JJJ Unearthed which is getting some attention and her set tonight was full of good songs and she sings them very well, I heard several comments about the quality of her voice, it was very easy to listen to.
From there we went to Ashlea Reale and the Outlaws with songs of bushrangers and murder abounded in a very professional preview of their new CD which will be available soon. Great vocals from Ashlea, great guitar work from Marlie and lovely bass from Paul.
2nd half after a cuppa and the raffle Colin Smiley gave us a couple of tunes on Harmonica and then Ashlea and co finished off the night with more murder and bloodshed and a few other songs to lighten up the mood.
It was a great night once again.

October ’19

What a show! We may have only had 2 acts but they stunning performers and the almost full house crowd loved it.
Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse had the first half, the banter and expressions between the 2 was brilliant. What a class act. Gina singing beautifully with the amazing backing of the cheeky Guy on guitar, what is not to love. The songs were in the Noongar language but with the stories beforehand it all made sense and even had the crowd singing along in language. Moon River was stunning as well with most of the audience also joining in the English half.
2nd Half was Loaded Dog with the addition of Josh Grey on Double Bass. with song writers in abundance they gave us some wonderful insight into our history and Alan’s song Winter in Winnipeg somehow fitting in really well. Phil G managed to throw in a couple of jokes to make up for John Ralph being absent due to climbing the hills of Peru (they got a similar response).
Next month is set to be another great night with Ahslea Reale and the Outlaws so stay tuned to the WAFF web site and Facebook page for more info.

September 2019

Can’t say much more than “brilliant night at the Wanneroo Folk Club”. An abundance of talent on display starting with Green Herring and a few of their own songs Colin Smiley gave us a tune followed by a new comer in Sarah Curran, first time at the club and probably not used to an audience that listens to the performers. Excellent guitar work and lovely vocals, come again Sarah.
Headline act was Craig Sinclair with the backing violin of Jude Iddison (what was the last name again). I haven’t seen Craig for quite some time and he didn’t disappoint, his guitar work is impeccable, those vocals are glorious and the songs tell a story worth listening to.
After the raffle was drawn and Jamie almost sprung the footy result (sorry Jamie but a few of us recorded the game to watch later) the second half was opened with Susgala plus 1. The lovely harmonies were enjoyed by all. Craig and Judith returned to finish the night , they have a few more shows over the next few days so I would recommend catching them.

August 2019

Wonderful music at the club this month. Our planned floor spot was taken ill so we had to make do with the guys who organise things. The organising people prefer to stay in the background and showcase the local talent but occasionally they on stage to show their talent when the need arises. Opening up was Jamie McKinnon, he played 3 lovely songs done very well and the audience as usual joined in the choruses. Our MC John Ralph followed with a similarly classy act and a bit more chorus singing. Next up the main act was Among the Pigeons. They gave a spirited performance which was enjoyed by all. They haven’t lost any of the quality of performance with the new lineup. After the break the new group on the block was Trio Fáilte, we’ve these ladies in other formats and this trio certainly didn’t disappoint. Jamie commented that whenever we have traditional fiddle the crowd goes off and tonight was no different. Finishing off the night “Among the Pigeons” came back with another set, these guys delighted the audience with a good variety of songs done really well.
One of the things about folk clubs is that the audience comes to listen and this brings out the best in the performers who don’t have to compete with lots of chatter and babble.

June 2019

Cold and wet? Not at Wanneroo last night. A few people missing due to illness bought mild panic to John as he rustled up some replacement performers. John Ralph Opened with a song and then introduced Willy Woodbine who dropped in from Pickering Brook and was press ganged into a few songs, I love the lay-back presentation. David Cutler was next up with his usual lovely guitar and voice. Raelene Bruinsma Trio (minus one) was the main act and gave us a bracket of mythical love making of the Gods and Deities and a variety of other songs accompanied by Alex on guitar and cello.
Second half had Rob Oats doing a few songs, some of his own and a couple of others, with a very appreciative applause. Raelene and Alex finished the night with more of the story from the first half. You get good songs and a history lesson at Wanneroo folk club!
(words from JR)Those of you who were at the Wanneroo Folk Club last night and have seen the latest report will notice that this man is missing from them. So here are a couple of photos of Rob. Rob organises the sound and lighting and photos for the artists .He sends out a WAFF gig guide every week, He is in charge of revamping the WAFF Website as well as being Vice Chairman of the WAFF, He posts a report of the Wanneroo Folk club on Facebook. He plays in his band the Rambling Bilbies. With all this we can forget what a brilliant solo artist he is. He stepped in a short notice to play an excellent set last night with a mixture of his own songwriting and covers that received an enthusiastic reception from the audience.Thanks for all of your hard work Rob. We are lucky to have you on board

May 2019

What can one say? Another music fest with variety abounding. The floor spots opened the night with Jerome and Lesley Toonan, nice set of songs and tunes. This was followed by a new comer in Tamsin Black, a little nervous but she warmed up, nine voice and is possibly one to watch as she gains confidence. Guest artists were the Red Sea Pedestrians who finished the first half with an array of songs and tunes from around Europe and beyond, mainly in a Klezmer style. Second half saw Grave Spin with Willy and Fred playing covers of well know artists from years gone by, The audience did the usual and joined in with gusto, a good fun bracket, and yes that is a rubbish bin for Bass, a new version of the tea chest bass. Red Sea Pedestrians finished the night with another rousing set of songs and tunes. A most enjoyable night’s entertainment.